World Junior Ski Championships 2023 – Canada’s Pride & Results

What Are the World Junior Ski Championships?

For those less familiar, the World Junior Ski Championships are an annual multi-sport event organized by the International Ski Federation (FIS) to showcase rising teen stars across snow sports disciplines. The competition brings together top junior athletes, generally ages 16-20, in three main areas – cross-country skiing, ski jumping, and Nordic combined. More recently, some events for the under-23 age category have been added as well.

While the adult World Ski Championships date back to 1925, the junior version is a newer phenomenon, having started in the late 1970s. The idea is to provide a platform for the next generation to test themselves on a global stage prior to potentially graduating to the senior championships and Olympic level. And for all involved nations, it’s a chance to showcase fresh young talent.

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Do You Know That

The Word Junior Ski Championships actually use two separate names depending on the discipline:

  • FIS Nordic Junior & U23 World Ski Championships: This covers cross-country, ski jumping, and Nordic combined events.
  • FIS Junior Alpine Skiing Championships: This covers downhill, super-G, slalom, giant slalom, and combined events.
Junior Ski

Both sets of championships recently occurred, with the Nordic event happening February 5th-11th, 2024, and the Alpine event happening February 18th-24th, 2024.

FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships: All Seasons

YearLocationDatesTop NationsKey Events & Winners
2000Štrbské Pleso, SlovakiaJan 20 – Feb 5Russia, NorwayNew disciplines introduced in cross-country and ski jumping.
2001Karpacz, PolandJan 25 – Feb 3Finland, GermanyChallenging weather conditions; adjustments in event schedules.
2002Schonach, GermanyFeb 2 – Feb 10Germany, NorwayGermany excelled in Nordic combined; Norway dominated cross-country skiing.
2003Sollefteå, SwedenJan 28 – Feb 6Sweden, RussiaHome advantage led to Swedish victories in ski jumping.
2004Stryn, NorwayFeb 1 – Feb 9Norway, FinlandNorway’s strong performance in cross-country skiing.
2005Rovaniemi, FinlandJan 30 – Feb 8Finland, RussiaFinland showcased emerging talent in cross-country skiing.
2006Kranj, SloveniaJan 31 – Feb 9Slovenia, AustriaSlovenia made a strong showing in ski jumping events.
2007Planica/Tarvisio, Slovenia/ItalyFeb 3 – Feb 11Italy, NorwayIntroduction of mixed team events in ski jumping.
2008Zakopane/Mals, Poland/ItalyJan 29 – Feb 7Poland, GermanyPoland’s notable performance in Nordic combined.
2009Štrbské Pleso/Praz de Lys-Sommand, Slovakia/FranceFeb 2 – Feb 10France, NorwayFrance excelled in cross-country skiing with multiple gold medals.
2010Hinterzarten, GermanyJan 24 – Feb 1Germany, AustriaGermany dominated the ski jumping events.
2011Otepää, EstoniaFeb 26 – Mar 6Estonia, RussiaEstonia’s first major international winter sports event hosting; Russia excelled in cross-country.
2012Erzurum, TurkeyFeb 20 – Feb 27Turkey, NorwayTurkey’s debut as host; Norway’s continued dominance in Nordic combined.
2013Liberec, Czech RepublicJan 21 – Jan 28Czech Republic, AustriaCzech athletes shone in ski jumping.
2014Val di Fiemme, ItalyFeb 18 – Feb 25Italy, GermanyItaly’s strong performance in cross-country skiing.
2015Almaty, KazakhstanFeb 2 – Feb 9Kazakhstan, NorwayKazakhstan’s emergence in Nordic sports; Norway’s all-round strength.
2016Râșnov, RomaniaFeb 22 – Feb 28Romania, RussiaRomania’s notable showing in ski jumping; Russia’s prowess in cross-country skiing.
2017Park City, United StatesJan 30 – Feb 5USA, NorwayUSA’s success in ski jumping events.
2018Kandersteg/Goms, SwitzerlandJan 27 – Feb 3Switzerland, NorwaySwitzerland excelled in cross-country skiing.
2019Lahti, FinlandJan 20 – Jan 27Finland, RussiaFinland’s strong showing in home conditions; Russia’s success in Nordic combined.
2020Oberwiesenthal, GermanyFeb 29 – Mar 7Germany, AustriaGermany’s dominance in Nordic combined and ski jumping.
2021Lahti/Vuokatti, FinlandFeb 8 – Feb 14Finland, NorwayFinland and Norway shared top honors in cross-country skiing and Nordic combined.
2022Zakopane/Lygna, Poland/NorwayJan 22 – Feb 6Norway, PolandMixed team events debut; Norway and Poland excelled in their respective strengths.

World Junior Ski Championships 2023 in Whistler, Canada

Returning to Canadian snow for the first time since the 2011 event, the cross-country skiing World Junior Championships 2023 took place this past January and February in the famous hub of Whistler, British Columbia. As both a Canadian Nordic skier and winter sports fanatic, I could not have been prouder for Whistler to host over 200 of the most talented junior athletes on the planet.

Whistler as Host Venue

The choice of Whistler was significant for the 2023 World Juniors on multiple levels. Beyond being a globally renowned ski destination ranked among the best resorts worldwide, Whistler also served as a competition venue during the landmark 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Leveraging this infrastructure, the full slate of World Junior Championship events across cross-country skiing, ski jumping and Nordic combined were held at Whistler Olympic Park. Its legacy facilities – including cross-country and biathlon stadiums, ski jump complexes, and Alpine runs – provided an iconic competition backdrop befitting a world championship stage.

WJC 2023 Final Results: Norway Dominates Medal Table

Over 10 days featuring all individual and team Nordic events, Norway topped the final World Junior Ski Championships 2023 medal table with 21 total podiums, including 8 golds. Their cross-country program excelled in particular, sweeping several events.

But the avid home crowd still had plenty to cheer about, thanks to inspiring Canadian performances. The history-making highlight came when female ski jumper Alexandria Loutitt captured gold, Canada’s only top finish. Multiple other Canadians reached the top-10 amid fierce competition.

Significance of the World Junior Ski Championships 2023

With extensive media coverage, these FIS World Junior Championships or World Junior Ski Championships 2023 marked a watershed moment to inspire Canadian youth and grow Nordic sports domestically. The performances demonstrated that Canada’s next generation could shine against top global talent.

I believe Whistler 2023 was a tremendous success, providing lasting momentum towards a bright future. The rising young talent on display will hopefully uplift Nordic disciplines across Canada.

Highlights from the 2024 World Juniors in Planica

The 2024 World Junior Ski Championships were held from February 5-11 in Planica, Slovenia. Planica is known for its huge ski jumping hills and great Nordic combined venues. Over 7 days of competition, nearly 200 athletes from 14 countries took part in cross-country skiing, Nordic combined, and ski jumping. Norway won the most medals, with 17 total. But the home Slovenian team also did well, winning 7 medals.

Some key highlights:

  • Dates: February 5-11, 2024
  • Sports: Cross country (sprints, distance, relays), Nordic combined (individual, team), Ski jumping (individual, team)
  • Norway won 4 gold medals and 17 total medals
  • Slovenia as host nation won 2 golds and 7 total medals, their best ever performance
  • Sonjaa Schmidt of Canada won gold in the U23 women’s cross country sprint
  • A mixed gender ski jumping event made its debut

The championships had exciting competitions across all disciplines. Young athletes like Schmidt and the Slovenians took advantage of performing on home snow.

The Excitement Ahead

As this overview shows, the World Junior Ski Championships are a true celebration of emerging talent across snow sports. Both the World Junior Ski Championships 2023 in Whistler and the 2024 gathering in Planica demonstrated the bright future for these sports, especially in traditional strongholds like Norway and ski-crazed nations like Slovenia and my native Canada. I will be eagerly watching next year’s edition in Italy and for many World Juniors to come. The chance to cheer the next generation of Canadian ski stars as they blossom on the global stage is something I always cherish.

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